How Will New American Idol Judges Affect Online Gambling Odds?

The new American Idol judges were revealed by Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, and the chatter has already begun for the upcoming season. Among the questions to be answered, how will Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler affect the online gambling of the reality show.

For the past several years, online sports books have been offering odds on who will win the American Idol competition. The odds each year were determined by oddsmakers, but Simon Cowell had just as much to do with those odds as anyone associated with the show.

Cowell was an outspoken judge on American Idol, a judge that many fans believe carried the show. It was usually the case that whoever Cowell gave high marks to, the public often threw their support behind. That made it easy for odds makers to create betting lines according to popularity.

This year will be different. Randy Jackson is back behind the judge’s table, but Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kara DioGuardi have all been replaced. Up until Wednesday, there was only speculation on who would be the new judges, but now all American Idol fans know the answers.

Lopez has been tapped as the female on the judges panel. her long history in music should help bring some comfort to contestants and fans alike. Tyler, however, comes from Aerosmith and has already suggested his preference to find a rocker to win this years competition.

In past years, contestants with long odds have come out of nowhere to become the American idol. Kris Allen was a 60-1 long shot when the live shows started a couple of seasons ago, but as the weeks wore on, he continued to survive and his odds continued to drop. When he defeated Adam Lambert in the finale, gamblers who picked Allen early were paid off with large sums of money.