Internet Gambling Ends

Internet Gambling Ends After America’s Got Talent Winner Revealed

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When it comes to Internet gambling and reality shows, American idol and Dancing with the Stars receive the most attention from bettors. This summer, however, America’s Got Talent was a show that online sports books had betting odds listed on.

The show brought together Americans that had varying talents, and the judges selected the cream of the crop to compete on the live shows. The audience fell in love with some of the contestants, and that made it easy for odds makers to develop betting lines as the show came to an end over the past month.

The America’s Got Talent winner was revealed on Wednesday evening, and any gamblers who placed money on Michael Grimm were ecstatic. The singer from Mississippi was not the favorite, making the victory even more sweet for both Grimm and those who believed he could win.

The betting favorite actually was a child. Jackie Evancho has wowed crowds all season long with her amazing voice, and it happened again on the finale when Evancho sang a duet with opera singer Sarah Brightman.

Earlier in the show, a not so shocking elimination occurred when Prince Poppycock was the first finalist eliminated. That left only three at the time, and Fighting Gravity was next to go. With only Evancho and Grimm remaining, it seemed almost a lock that Evancho would take the title.

Grimm not only made thousands of online gamblers happy when he won, but he also padded his own bank account. Grimm received $1 million for winning the competition, and also now will get a chance to headline a show in Las Vegas. As is the case with most reality show winners, Grimm appeared shocked that he prevailed.